You wouldn't believe how excited I am!

This is the year of scheduling and planning for me! What about you? There were a lot of things I wanted and said I would do last year and never got around to it. I am a full time special education teacher as well as an author. My author time has to be planned and scheduled as well as my teacher time is to make me successful. So I got down to business.

Everyone should know by know I am a bibliophile first! So the first thing I purchased was a book log journal. I can track my books, my reviews. It has 100 top fiction books in the back. A place to track who I loan books to and just extra notes. For a closer took click the link --> It is an 100 book challenge book log.

I bought the #thrivingscribes planner by #britpoe. Click the thriving scribes link to get a closer look at all she has to offer. This planner is life. I can dissect my goals, and the steps to take them. Create my schedules for work time and off time. I get break things down from yearly to quarterly to monthly to weekly. It is exactly what I need.

Let's not forget about the non-reader and non-writer part of my life. I needed a planner for appointments, to-dos and notes. I bought the #melanatedboosbaby planner. This gives me a monthly calendar, weekly calendar spaces, monthly bills and weekly grocery lists. My organizing planner heart could swell any more.

How has my planning been working so far? I have one book with the editor, another manuscript 20,000 words in. My store is set up on social media and on my website. I have created content such as a Melanated Mega Planner that combines my Boss Baby and Book Log planner in one! I also have journals and bookmarks for sale. I have done more, purposeful and strategically, as an indie author in the past month than I have in the 3 years since I first published.

Okay, Okay so I said I was excited. And although those things are exciting that's not what's got me jumping up and down.

I am ready to begin my Launch Team!!!

My YA manuscript is with the editor. That means Spied: A Boarding School Novel needs a bomb launch team!

Have I got you hooked?! I hope so because I have all these goodies and freebies and I need someone to give them out to! Fill out the form below!

Don't worry your responses will come to me personally and not be posted here!

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