Suspense killing you? Waits over!

Okay go get your coffee y'all. I got some goods for you! If you don't drink coffee, I guess you can go get your tea. But let me just be clear about how I feel about coffee!! If you're a Warren's Reader you know that coffee is life over here. If you are one of the ones who prefer tea, I guess we can still be friends. OR, How about a happy medium of wine!


The shop has some sales going on this month. If you shop these last few weeks of March you'll get free shipping off any order over $40. Just use the code 40FREE.

Another excellent sale going on in the shop this month. Buy 2 bookmarks and get one free!! Use the code BOGO and order two bookmarks and get the third free. If you want a customized bookmark. Message me through my website with the details after you have made your order and I will make the third one the customized one. If you want one of the bookmarks on my site as your third one, add that to your order.


I have gotten 800 followers on #bookstagram! To thank my growing squad I am having a March Box Giveaway. To enter go to my Instagram @swarrenauthor and comment on any picture #YASGIRL. Winners (2) will be announced April 1st. US only please.


New this month is: Spied: A Deceptive High Novel. Meet the Sparks crew.

Dion and Lanelle are twins excited about the summer before high school. The most stressful thing on their plates are Lanelle figuring out which protective style to wear next and Dion keeping all of his girls straight. One night their parents drop a bomb on them. They have to trade in high school for boarding school. Even though Dion thinks it might be cool Lanelle is convinced it is the end of the world. But wait, the surprises don't stop there. Not only are they going to boarding school, but Douglas High is a high school for spies in training. And, it's the same high school their parents went to. Yes, their parents are spies!!Lanelle has a lot on her mind and is too overwhelmed to think straight let alone maneuver this new world she's been thrown into. With new powers comes new enemies and a whole new set of rules. Will the twins survive life at Deceptive High?

This is available through Kobo, Amazon and Ebook and paperback available.

Also available is stationary available in the shop! Yearly Calendars and planners. Monthly planners. Bookmark and Journal sets. is your one stop shop for all your bookish needs.


Of course!! I am in the middle of a vigilante novel. Three women: Nia, Kuan-Yin and Valentina. You follow their life paths and get caught up in the drama! Nia's mother was a foster mother and that how the three women found each other and have been together ever since. It's a hard knock life and they decide on their own terms that they are done being victims. I am about half way through with a release date for the first week in July. I know that's a lot of weeks. I have to study for my state licensure test for teaching so I pushed my deadline back a little bit.

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