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Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Jordan walked out on his balcony and sniffed the air smells off he thought to himself. Jordan is 6 feet tall and big. He had muscles that rivaled Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. His family is the lead pack in North America, and he is the Alpha. His Italian roots made his hair dark brown. He liked to keep in a shortcut, to keep it out of his eyes. His eyes were brown, except when the wolf came out. When the wolf comes out, they sparkle with gold.

A brush in the woods ahead caused him to tilt his head slightly to the side. Who is running on my territory he thought to himself? 

Jordan sniffed the air again to get a better idea of the scent and realized he didn't recognize it. He stuck his head back into the accordion style doors and yelled to his brothers that he was going for a run. 

He shut the doors, hoping they would catch the hint and leave their wives to join him. He stripped his clothes off on the balcony and jumped over the railing. By the time he hit the ground he had transformed into a majestic black wolf with silver fur surrounding his eyes.

He ran over to the pond that was on his property and looked at his reflection in the water. He loved looking at his reflection in his wolf form. He was the youngest brother and the only one without a wife and kids. He never thought he would be Alpha of his pack. He never put emphasis on dating and having families because he believed one of his brothers would have the throne next. 

His older brother Jacob challenged his father for the spot of Alpha. His father had wounded Jacob badly and then went in for the kill, something in Jordan snapped. He shifted and went after his father with black and gold in his eyes. His father surrendered to him after a brutal fight and is now living on the pack property with their mother. He has not spoken to Jordan or Jacob since that night, and that was 2 years ago.

Mesmerized with his reflection Jordan missed his brothers trotting over to him. Johnathan pounced on him, and the two of them rolled in the water. What’s up, bro? Johnathan said telepathically to his bother her. Telepathy was a skill shifter had to communicate with each other while they were in their animal form. Contrary to popular belief they did not growl and grunt to each other. 

Jordan rolled and stood up in the water looking between Jacob and Johnathan. Someone is on the property he told his brothers a new scent. Right then both his brothers simultaneously sniffed the air. Each tilting their head to a different side to contemplate the scent. Then the brothers heard a faint scream. They all stood at attention and bounded off in the direction of the scream.

They approached a clearing in their property, about 2 miles from the Alpha house. They see a woman in the middle of a group of trees. Johnathan went to go towards her, but Jordan barked no, seems like a trap

Johnathan obeyed his Alpha and stayed where he was. Just then A man came out of the shadows. He seem

ed to be tall, but shorter than Jordan. He had to be around his brother’s heights, each of them coming in at 5’10. He had short, military style hair that looked either black or brown from this distance and in the dark. He was a slim man, but Jordan smelled hyena, and hyenas were not to be underestimated.

What are hyenas doing over here Jacob said to his brothers? The man responded seeming to understand their telepathy. “I have some unfinished business in North America,” he said with a smirk in his voice. The brothers went on guard separating to have him covered on all sides. The man clapped his hands “yes, I’m ready for a fight” he said smugly.

I am Jordan, Jordan Romano Jordan said Alpha of the Romano pack, head of the North American sector. 

The man interrupted “Titles, titles, titles. I know who you are Jordan, the son of John Romano.” Jacob silently moved around so that he was coming up on the left side. He slipped behind some trees. The man switched his stance, and Jacob stilled.

What business do you have here hyena, who is the woman? Jordan asked. The man stepped aside and picked up the woman by her hair. She was limp, with her limbs dangling about. Jordan began growling who gave the order to kill that woman he bellowed.

The man began laughing “orders,” he said “who follows orders anymore. I have killed this one and more like her all around your precious Miami for weeks now.” The man frowned “you dogs have been too stupid to notice.” The man put his hand on his chin, slightly elevating his head in mock deep thought. “I gather the police should be finding woman and making connections by now.”

Johnathan took a step forward growling at the man. Jordan gave a low commanding growl to his brother ordering him to stand down. Jordan obeyed, and the man laughed “yes little doggy” he said mockingly “you can tell your daddy that a hyena needs a word. The longer he keeps ignoring me the longer I will drop bodies around this God-awful city.” 

The man was enraged by the end of his statement and threw the girl across the forest. With strength being a skill that shifters have the woman flew almost 100 yards. The girl landed and resembled a rag doll all broken and limp.

Jordan looked at the man and growled how dare you come on to my land and disrespect my pack. 

The man bellowed “fuck you and your pack!”

Just then Jordan commanded his brothers to attack.

The man’s bones cracked and reshaped. His neck swung, his arms, and legs reshaped, and within seconds he was a hyena.

 Jacob came speeding out behind the tree he was hiding behind. He was only about 50 yards, to his brother’s 100 yards, away from the man. The man let out a low growl, upset with the fact that he let Jacob get so close without detection. He quickly weighed his odds, turned and ran. Chase Jordan gave the command. His brothers glanced at him quickly and spread apart among the forest, chasing the hyena.

The brother’s stopped once they got to the end of their property. It was a road, the only one that ran this far down here. One road in and one road out of the properties the pack owned. The three brothers turned around and ran back to the Alpha house.

 Once on the balcony the brother's bones cracked and reshaped and they shifted all at the same time, returning them to their forms as men. They quickly dressed and Jordan said “I will go to dad’s house. You two get your family's home and safe, meet me there after.” Johnathan and Jacob nodded and went back into the house through the accordion style doors.

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