New year new you?

Hey Hey all my Warrens Readers Happy New Year!! How has #2021 been treating you? It's been treating me okay.I've had to remind it a couple times about respect lol!!

I don't really have a new year resolution but one thing I do want to do is actually do the things I schedule for myself to do. I'm and #author as we all know. I am also #middleschoolteacher, I teach social studies and science. I'm literally teacher by day and author by night. I just get lazy! I would much rather come home and binge Covert Affairs or Lie to me while laying in the bed snacking all night before bed. Take a look at a typical daily schedule for me to the left. I do real good up until 5:30 and then it's a struggle for real! I always write things down. Along with the calendar in my phone I use the app #Storygraph for monitoring my reading challenges and books. Last year I did 67/60 and this year I am doing 100!. I have The #ReadingLog which I also track my reading. I have the #ForMelanatedBossBabes planner, monthly and weekly below andI use the #TrivingScribes planner for my author content specifically.

I am very organized and believe in writing down my goals. I just get Lazy! Pray for me y'all! Okay, o to the goodies. This month I have a lot of things planned. First off, I have had a lot of comments from my #indieauthor peers asking questions about who do I use and what do I do. So I have decided to do a free webinar on January 18th, 6 pm (eastern time).

Visit here to get all the information on where to sign up! Spread the word guys! I don't have all the answers, but have done a lot of things through mistakes and trial and error and have no problem sharing them with you. This is not a bait and hook or anything. Just a free webinar to help my fellow indie authors out. Click here to sign up and for more information!

Now, I didn't forget about my bibliophiles!! On January 189th, 6 pm (eastern time) I have 3 bomb authors who are open and available for your questions. Strong Storm, paranormal fantasy. Venus, fantasy. N.D Brennan, Historical Fiction, and of course yours truly. Join on Instagram live for there questions, comments and advice. Check out their pages and gets your questions ready because this is one night you're not going to want to miss. I always have my bibliophiles covered!!

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