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What's Available?

Book 2 of the Jelena Cohert Series | Shifter, Killer and Jelena is now available!

Synopsis |

Have you ever met a shifter? Jelena Cohert has. She is on the Special Investigations Division (SID) and has had her fair share of wolves, tigers and bears disguised as men and women. Jelena gets cleared from medical leave. frustrated about her last case she is ready to get back to work. Her boss gives her a SID case and she is on the hunt for a shifter. She is paired with an old ally and gets involved with the shifter's family in more ways than strictly professional. 

Jordan Romano is the CEO of ONAMOR tech company and the CEO of his pack. When a young lady turns up dead on his property, he uses his brother's law enforcement connections to get on the team to catch who put her there. He's young and is not looking for love. Or is he?  Jordan finds himself and his family woven into the murder and he doesn't like. He hasn't been Alpha for long and is doubting whether he's doing what's best. 

What's Up Next?

What is next for Sheyanne? I have heard your request about wanting to know more about Jelena's past and what made her how she is today and I am here to deliver! A Jelena Cohert Novella | Prequel is in the editing stages and will be available soon!

I am also granting requests for a YA book. Guess what? I already started, it is already in the works. More information to come this fall!

What am I Reading?

I just finished Incendiary by Zoraida Cordova and I gave it ***** - 5 star review!!

I am going back to my favorite Blake Pierce for my next read and reading # 17 in her Riley Paige series. Yes, I have read the previous 16. Here is the synopsis | FBI Special Agent Riley Paige must fend off her own demons and her dysfunctional family life as she races against time to enter the mind of a diabolical killer days away from striking again—one who may even be more brilliant than her. Can she stop him in time?

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