Meet the Cast of Spied: YA Fantasy (New book Alert!)

Hey, Hey!

There is a new YA: Fantasy about to hit the market. It features strong black parents raising powerful fraternal twins. Follow Lanelle and Dion into Douglas (Deceptive) High as them and their 4 friends master high school, spy school, magic and jealous adults!

Dion Sparks:

Dion has a rich caramel complexion just like his sister. His dreads are a proud point for him. He is elated to discover he has magic just like his sister with the power to: Freeze, Heal, X-ray and Telepathy. His loves sports but get into combat training once at Douglas High. Dion love the idea of being a spy, a magical spy at that. However, he has to damper his excitement a little bit to cater to his sisters feelings.

Lanelle Sparks:

Lanelle loves her natural hair. She may color it from time to time but she loves her hair and loves to find new and exciting styles to try. She is not a girly girl. She is kind of in the middle. A jeans and wedges type of girl. She feels betrayed by her parents with all of their secrets and gets overwhelmed with all the changes. While Dion can make things freeze, Lanelle can ignite things in flames. She doesn't have time to breath though. She has new powers to learn, new skills to learn and new enemies to stay away from.

Booker Benjamin:

Booker is Dion's roommate with an eye for Lanelle. He has a fade with a curly top with rich chocolate skin tone. Booker comes from the foster care system and holds many secrets. One being his biological father is a teacher at Deceptive high. Booker makes promises to his biological father wanting acceptance and quickly realizes he made the wrong decision once he gets to know Dion and Lanelle. The thing is, he doesn't know how to fix the mess he made without getting hurt, or exposed.

Imani Firestone:

Imani is a Sophomore at Douglas high and quickly sets her eyes on the twins. Lookin to be Dion's girlfriend and Lanelle's bestfriend. IS she genuine though? She's beautify with her light complexion and jet black curly hair. She's a tom-boy 100% and wears glasses.

Finally we have

Tariana and Quashawn Carter:

They are siblings but not twins. Tariana has microbraids that flow down complementing her dark complexion. She is loud and not shy at all. You like someone but are scared to approach them, Tariana will do it.

Quashawn is much more subdued. With complexation matching his and a buzz cut with his famous designs cut in them you can't tell him nothing! He keeps who he is dating, even if he's dating to himself and loves to annoy his sister like any good brother does.

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