It's July!!!

Where's the Newsletter?!


1) Book 1 and 2 of the Jelena Cohert Series available now! Head here to check it out!

2) Check out these awesome authors #Levifuller and #Isobellecate

3) I have my novella Maria Dominguez - Prequel| A Jelena Cohert novella with my editor!! I'll be looking for ARCs as soon as next week! Want to be on that list, click here!

This novella is Jelena's origin story! What made her who she is now?! It deals with sensitive topics but is also a gripping thriller and leaves you rooting for Jelena. Key people are introduced in her life that pull on your sympathies. While others makes you want them dealt with in a dark alley!

Cover reveal to my mailing list coming soon. Want to be on that list? Click here!

What are you working on?

Well, aside from the Novella with the editor I am working on another novella about the main character Jordan Romano, introduced in the second book. Don't know Jordan, head here to read up on him. You're missing out!

Stay Tuned

Make sure you sign up for my ARC team (link above) so you can be on the list! Maria Dominguez - Prequel coming to readers this month!!

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