Is the holidays crazy for you too?

I celebrate Christmas and I am fortunate that all my family is able to be together this holiday. With how times are I know I am blessed and am thankful. One thing I never like about the holidays is the gift giving. Well, not the gift giving, but the gift buying! I love to hand someone a gift and see their face when they open it. I hate buying gifts and hate waiting to give them!!

I know that sounds crazy but I am the person who likes a gift to be a surprise, but also something you want and will use. I get myself all stressed out trying to be super sneaking and eavesdropping to make sure I get everyone the perfect thing! One thing I have gotten better at is wrapping. Okay, so I suck at wrapping gifts and don't do it anymore. I am a fan of the dollar tree: Box, bag, tissue paper! For those who are struggling this Christmas I have some gifts for you!

The stocking stuffer. Those little gifts that, in my family, we open first and spread everything all over to check everyone else's hauls. They are smaller gifts but still fun. This year try putting a novella in that stocking. A novella is a novel that but shorter. Most times about 100 pages. It is a quick story that pulls you in and satisfies you. Head over to and try Maria Dominguez - prequel: A Jelena Cohert Novella and Jordan Romano - Prequel: A Jelena Cohert Novella. Even though these are from the same .5 series the only thing they share is that they are origin stories. With Maria, you get a coming of age story with some sensitive topics and with Jordan you get some werewolf shifter action with a finding yourself element hidden in there.

Need some ideas for under the tree. No problem! Try Serial Killer, Con Artist and Jelena and Shifter, Killer and Jelena.

These two novels are the 1st and 2nd in the Jelena Cohert Series but they bring 2 different elements. First, follow Agent Cohert on her adventure to catch an infamous con artist who seems to have been laughing at Agent Cohert her whole career. In the midst of trying to keep her profesional, and personal life together. She gets in the crosshairs of someone no one wants!

Then hop into Agent Cohert's paranormal adventure. (psst, here is where you meet Jordan). Jelena goes from keeping personal and professional separate to everything being mixed into one and some history trying to repeat itself. These two are great gifts, but I'll warn you, you'll have to get your loved one both. They will be in agonizing suspense if you don't.

As any author does I am steadily making notes in my notebook of all these ideas I have. Down the horizon I am going to begin a children's book. One for middle school (preteen) aged kids and the other for children and I need illustrators!! Calling all #illustrators!

Know someone? Help me out and guide them to me!

To whichever holiday you celebrate I hope you enjoy!

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