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I have a book that is a page turner and will look good in your library. Serial Killer, Con Artist and Jelena is a crime fiction novel that follows an FBI Agent, Jelena Cohert on her adventures. She deals with life and marriage, friendships and family struggles. Not to mention con catching con artist and running away from serial killers. Jelena is a fiery Latina who loves her job and is a force to be reckoned with.

So I did a poll and reader love the synopsis of the book. What they don't like is authors giving the same description every time they talk about the book. Do y'all agree? If you want the synopsis there are places where that is available. But, when an author is talking about their book or characters readers want a different insight. Comment below and tell me what you think?

Release Date May 18th!!

Everyone get excited to the next installment in the Jelena Cohert Series. Is Jelena okay? Do they catch Highworth? What about the killer? There are a lot of details that need to be wrapped up and the wait is coming to an end.

Characters that lead double lives will have your mouths hanging open.

It is classic Jelena Cohert with a supernatural twist!

I am going to give the synopsis on this one ;-)

Have you ever met a shifter? Jelena Cohert has. She is on the Special Investigations Division (SID) and has had her fair share of wolves, tigers and bears disguised as men and women. Jelena gets cleared from medical leave. frustrated about her last case she is ready to get back to work. Her boss gives her a SID case and she is on the hunt for a shifter. She is paired with an old ally and gets involved with the shifter's family in more ways than strictly professional. 

Johnathan Michaels keeps the fact he is a wolf shifter to himself. Until he finds out there is a special division in Miami who investigates crimes committed by his kind. He goes to his Captain and gets put on the next a shifter case. He gets to work with old colleagues and watch his little brother fall in love. Michaels isn't used to his personal and professional worlds colliding together.

Are we excited!?!?! Comment below, let me know!

WIP (work in progress)

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So, I am actually working on two things right now. Have you ever read a book and lived it, but wished you had a little more information about one of the characters? Maybe the book mentions a past that you're interested in but doesn't go into detail. Maybe you love the character and just wish you had more story about them. That is my idea and I am running with it. I am writing novellas that are the Prequels to the Jelena Cohert novels.

The first one will dive deep into Jelena's past and the details of her first career and marriage.

The next one I have on the board, not in the works yet, will highlight a character in the second Jelena Cohert Series book.

Do you think It's a good idea to have novellas between novels in a series? Comment and let me know!

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