I've Missed You, Here's How I Show It!

Hey Guys!! I've missed you! Prepping and planning for virtual learning has been tough. The first 5 weeks of school are now behind me and I am feeling less overwhelmed and more ready to get back to my summer time schedule. I've missed writing, reaching out and engaging with my people!

I did a quick newsletter a few weeks ago. First of all, fall is my favorite season. I love anything autumn (besides pumpkin flavor) and Halloween! Just a few updates. Novella Alert, Novella Alert. Maria Dominguez - Prequel is a great stand alone read or an indulgence if you have read the full novels in the Jelena Cohert series. If you choose to do it as a stand alone, great! I promise you it will keep you wanting more.

Maria Dominguez is Jelena Cohert before she changed her name. Why you may ask? I'll give you a hint. It has to do with some tough and sensitive situations, a banging best friend and an inner strength. This is now available on Amazon. Click here for details.

You can also feed your crime fiction appetite with the second book in the Jelena Cohert series. Beware, there's a twist. A paranormal twist! Get the same fiery Latina with an additional WILD side. Check out Shifter, Killer and Jelena

A gift for you!! I've been out a few months and have a giveaway to celebrate. I only ask as few things of you! Join my mailing list, if you haven't already. Click Here.

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Post a comment in my Facebook group or comment or comment on my most recent weekly updates posts with the hashtags #authorforbibliophiles and #warrengiveaways. Everyone who posts will be entered into the drawing. I am giving away 3 books! Yup, you heard right. You will receive Serial Killer, Con Artist and Jelena, Shifter, Killer and Jelena AND Maria Dominguez - Prequel.

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