I love writing but I still struggled

Writing is easy for me. Whether I am writing a poem, story, book, essay or research paper I love to write and I get lost in the world I am creating. I can sit for hours and write, and read. I first started this book at work. I am a teacher's assistant for at risk youth in middle school. There was one day when all of our kids were absent and I decided to past the time by writing.

Now, here me out, I have started to write a book 1000 times in the past. I get a few chapters in and then life happens and I move on. I had no real intention of keeping with it this time. A few days later I was still writing, during my breaks or during class time when I was able to sit at my desk. The teacher in the room praised me for writing a book and it wasn't until that moment when I told myself I was going to keep at it. So I kept at it, but only at work. I would leave work and spend a few hours at my part time job, then go home and eat, shower and binge on tv. I had plenty of excuses like 'I have no lap desk' and 'I am so exhausted' but I knew they were nothing but excuses.

I went the whole summer without writing one sentence. I read plenty, I had a summer job where I basically sat in one spot for 12 hours able to do just about anything to pass the time. I got to a book a shift or maybe a shift and a half but I didn't even think about writing. Until I got back to school in September and that fire was lit again, but only at school. I don't know why school gave me the drive to write. No matter where I am once I sit down and begin, that's it. I'm out for hours getting lost in what I am writing.

It wasn't until I was searching for publishers and they began giving me deadlines to review my manuscript that I forced myself to write when I left work.

I went from getting a few paragraphs a day done to chapters at a time when I wrote outside of work.

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