Book Launch

Hey guys!!

I am hosting a book launch on November 11th, 2020.

I have 2 books in my 5 book series published as well as the .5 novellas. I am so excited to have these books available and even more excited to get them to my people.

The stars of this book launch are going to be my novellas.

The novels will be featured and will be apart of the giveaway! Take a look at the event advertisement

and agenda. Yeah, you read that correctly! One lucky person gets to create my next hashtag!! Along with the others I use, my constant is #authorforbibliophiles. I will pick one person and the hashtag they choose and make it my second constant hashtag. I will also be giving away the best "Bookie" bag ever! It will have 2 unique bookmarks, designed by me. A piece of stationary with my logo on it. A mug with my hashtag and a cute, bibliophile inspired quote. Oh, I almost forgot the best part!! You get a signed copy of all 4 of my published books. Yes, re-read that last sentence. This is the best "Bookie" Bag you have ever received. What do you have to do? Head over to and rsvp to my event 11/11/2020 at 6pm through Facebook live. Show up on the said date and time and enjoy the launch! I will take names of everyone who shows up and do a live name wheel to pick the winner!

I am currently in the process of writing a YA (young adult) fantasy book. It takes place in a boarding school or young spies in training. I need a cover that I can purchase and feature the illustrator on all platforms. I also need a rendering of the characters to purchase and use where I need to. Places like my website and other platforms for promotional purposes. This is set to go to the editor in January and I will need an artist by the 1st of the year.

On my never ending list of WIP and book ideas I have added children's book. I am looking for an artists who I can purchase illustrations for my children's book. They will be featured at the illustrator on all platforms and avenues. My book is about young black girls (10-13) and self-esteem. It is a chapter book and will need very basic, but creative illustrations for the cover, and first page in each chapter (approximately 10 chapters). I will also need a character chart to go in the front of the book. A grid of all the characters pictures. This project is not the first one on my to-do list. It is the second. I will be finalizing artists and decisions around January/ February.

Please email me at or for interest.

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