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I did a post recently on social media asking for what y'alls daily schedule looks like. I gave a pretty large overview of what my day actually looks like. Basically I wake up and go to work. When I come home I do "author time" as I call it and then go to bed. Pretty routine and pretty boring. Well, time for the details. Let me know where we overlap or share tasks throughout the day. Is your day just as boring or routine as mine. I am curious to see how you spend your days. Especially in the pandemic.


I am a special behavioral support middle school teacher. I teach social studies and science to 6th, 7th and 8th graders. In education we say I have 6 preps. Which basically means I have 6 different content areas t prepare for. Where as a teacher would have multiple classes a day but teaching them the same thing. I have 3 classes a day (6 total) and teach every class something different. I try to make it to work by 7:30 (but end up most days getting therebefore 8am). There is usually a meeting in the morning and the students come in at 8:45 am. I teach 6th grade 1st in the morning. Then 8th and 7th grade back to back in the afternoon.


When I get home, I usually spend the first 2 hours finishing up school work (planning, paperwork etc) and right now I study for the state exam I have to take. After that I switch laptops. Getting me in the mindset of leaving school behind and starting another task. I do all graphic content on the weekends. The weekdays are for me checking analytics, engaging on social media and writing. I have a daily writing goal for each project I have. For my current WIP my goal is 2000 words a day. Sometimes I write more, sometimes I write less. When I am in the groove I find it very easy to go way over 2000 words. What about my other authors, do you agree? I make sure I end that at 9:30 just to give my self time to do nothing and unwind from the day. During the pandemic it is very easy for me to come straight home. However, on days that I don't and have to adjust my schedule I still do not want to be working on anything way into the night. So having the 9:30 pm (EST) is important to me.


I am currently working on a vigilante novel. It follows 3 women: Nia, Kuan-Yin and Valentina, who are brought together by foster care. As adults they work to achieve their goals but are tethered by the scares of their past and they want to be a help to other women who find themselves in the same or similar positions. It takes on a very inspirational tone but also goes through the life of three 20 somethings who just want to have fun! The release date for this is sometime within the first week of July.

What about you? LEave yours below.

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