5 reasons why The Jelena Cohert Series is the series for you

  1. It's a crime paranormal fiction.

The only thing better than a crime fiction is one with shifters in it!! Book 1 is just crime fiction, no shifters. But book 2, book 2 introduces some familiar wolf shifters that you wont be able to get enough of.

2. Full of suspense.

Everyone likes a good page turner! The 1st two books in this series gets you hooked and keeps you hooked! You will want to grab book two to continue the story and see what happens next!

3. Characters that will grow on you!

I didn't say you would like all the characters, but, they all will grow on you. You'll get

invested. There are characters you will root for, and root against. There are couples you will root for and situations you will relate too!

4. Unpredictable & fascinating crime to solve.

Everyone loves a good 'who done it' and the beginning of this series gives you two! I bet you won't be able to figure it out until the end. The Jelena Cohert Series gives you a twist on your classic crime of fraud and murder.

5. You'll feel like your in the Jelena's world.

Imagery is important. Descriptions in books is what keeps readers interested. This series

helps you imagine every scene from talking at the dinner table to fighting the bad guys.

Okay, I've given you the reasons now call my bluff! Go pick up a copy of The Jelena Cohert Series today. Available on ebook and paperback from Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Comment your questions, thoughts, concerns and comments!

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