3 Tips for the 1st time #IndieAuthor

Question: Why do you write your specific genre?

Answer: My background is in recognizing behavior pattern, criminal behavior patterns to be specific. When I sat down to write, I knew I wanted to write about serial killers. That brought me to the crime fiction genre. At the time, I didn't know which genre or category I was in or wanted to be in. That came way later. Which was a mistake!! I should of looked at categories early on. It would of make choosing my categories and knowing my market a whole lot easier.

Tip #1 | Figure out your genre/ category and start looking for your street team. A street team is a group of fans who serve many purposes. They are you ARC group (Advance Reader Copy). They are the beginning of your mailing list. Which is also very important. Make a #Bookstagram. Go to #Facebook and join groups of readers of your genres to find fans of books similar to yours.

Do this early so that when you're done writing you're not struggling to get ARCs. Reviews are an authors best friend! You usually send your street team a ebook copy of your book free. So they get a head start on reading. The plan is to have them write their reviews on #Amazon, #BarnsandNoble or what ever platform you use the day your book goes live. You can then send them a paperbook copy when you order them. I'm on an street team and I love that she sends the paper book and a little notebook/sticky pad. I plan on incorporating that when I grow my team. There are websites like #Booksprout that gives you ARC readers. It's always good to have a street team for a more personal connection. To have a group of people excited you have something coming out.

Question: You're self-published, what do you do for marketing?

Answer: I bought a workbook called Bestseller Launch Blueprint by Cara Stein. There she has a pretty detailed launch and marketing strategies that I plan on following for my book that's coming out this month. The blueprint included different websites, reviews and the order in which you need to have things coming in. I highly recommend getting her blueprint or someone similar. My first book, all I did was word of mouth. I didn't have a fan base or knew where my fan base would be. The use of Goodreads, Bookbubs and similar sights for advertising get's my content viewed. I use that along with my social media platforms and website.

Tip #2 | Find your editorial team. The downside of being self-published is you have to find your editorial team yourself. First on your editorial team is your editor. I use Shelley's Editorial Services. There are plenty out there in your price point. The second person or people on your editorial team are your beta readers. If you search for these early, when you were looking for your fan base, you'll already have a head start. A free option is going to #Facebook and search beta readers in the groups There are plenty of free options for you. Make a relationship with who offers to be your beta reader and just reuse them over and over - a section of your street team. Saves the hassle of finding new people every time. There are beta readers for hire. They are pretty easy to find with a google search. One I came across did 0.0087 per word. Third on your editorial team is an artist. This is completely optional. You can use an artist for your covers and for your characters. I commission artists or my characters for promotional reasons. Check out my "Cohert Cast" on my official website. I don't use a professional for my covers. I subscribe to #canva which is the best decision I ever made. I use them for my social media posts, blog posts, advertising and anything else I need an eye catching image. For my covers, It was a lot of trial and error. One mistake is I did this trial and error and research after I published the book. My first book has 3 covers floating around. You can hire an artist to do it, I suggest go check twitter first. Make a tweet asking if anyone would be interested in being commissioned for your covers. Use that person every time. Create your Editorial Team!

Question: Do you want to write full time?

Answer: I would love to my writing to bring me 'NYT bestseller status. I wouldn't stop working though. I like the field that I'm in. So, even if I bring in a lot because I end up on Oprah's list, I wouldn't stop working.

Tip #3 | Follow an author content plan.

Another mistake I made was I only contacted my platform (lack of a platform) when I was trying to tell something. I bombarded them with a ton of buy my book information and then I went away. I purchased Triving Scribes program by #britpo and It has helped me gain a better platform, connect with an audience on a meaningful way. My numbers are steadily climbing.

Take my tips, I've learned the hard way. Head over to swarrenauthor.com and poke around. Look at my meet the cast page, join my mailing list for exclusives. #authorssupportingauthors

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