3 things you'll not want to miss.

The new YA Fantasy Spied: A boarding House Series is set to launch March 6th! Here are five things you won't want to miss.


Family Values. Not every family is perfect and all families look different. However, it is refreshing to see a black family still intact. Not all children have both parents in their life and single parents do a great job in raising their children. In media recently it is expected that black children don't have both parents and there is always a struggle. The characters in this book have both of their parents in their life and they navigate through feelings of betrayal and lost of trust as well as typical teenage feelings of their parent's being overbearing and controlling.


World Building

This book brings you multiple elements of fantasy. The world building is in a real city on the map but everything else is completely fantasy. You get doses of magic from both an experienced perspective and a new and learning perspective. You get a dose of teaching children how to take on the burning of becoming a spy. This world provides building blocks that to these kids in order to start this career that most of them are forced into. Even though the world is fantasy it makes you feel like you can go to Charlotte, North Carolina and right up the hill you will find Douglas High.



One of the best things about books is the villain! This book provide you with a lot of options for villains and takes you through the journey of discovering which one is actually a villain and which one is a friend. You go through the days with the two twin main characters and you feel their anxiety, uncertainty and their betrayal as a navigate this new world they've been thrown into not knowing who they can trust.

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