3 Genres, 2 first impressions, 1 review

Last weekend I have been in the middle of 3 genres!! I've finished a women sleuth thriller by #BlakePierce. I've Started a psychological thriller by #TiffanyTsao for a Facebook group | Black Girls Read TOO. I have purchased a young adult fiction by #ZoraidaCordova for an Instagram Book Club | Treatyoshelfbookclub that starts on Monday!

Majesties by Tiffany Tsao is a psychological thriller about two sisters who go through a terrible tragedy. The story follows the characters on a moral road filled with twist and turns. I have just started this book last weekend. So far it is an eye opener for me. Not because of the story, because of the culture behind the story. I am not familiar with the culture Tsao uses in the book. In the first few chapters, I was lost in vocabulary and descriptions. I have a lot of notes and had to do a lot of googling to wrap my head around the stories set up. The writing is great! However, I had a hard time keeping up due to my unfamiliarity with the culture. I am excited to finish the book, the plot has me hooked!!

Incendiary by Zoraida Cordova is a book I started yesterday. I love the YA genre but haven't read anything in this genre in a while. I am happy I decided to use this book to get my feet wet again. This is about the life of a girl who was kidnapped and put on a path she didn't want to be on. My first impression of this book is great! I love the language and imagery. I am excited to continue this book and see how everything unravels. I have my own predictions. I am anxious to see if my predictions come true or if I am truly surprised.

I love Blake Pierce. I was excited to read this new series after loving the last two series I read.

This book I give 3 and a half starts though. It was a slow start. I Like the FBI crime fiction genre. But there was something about this book that had me slugging to get through it.

Around the late middle to end it sped up and got really interesting. IT did keep me guessing throughout the whole book. A good who done it.

Blake Pierce always writes amazingly and this is no different. Her imagery is excellent. This is the 1st book in thee series. I plan on reading the rest in the series but am not in any hurry.

What is your 3,2,1? Comment below!

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