“Ready?” she asked her partner.

They were standing outside of a warehouse preparing to enter from the back door.

“Ready,” he replied. He removed his weapon and held it low. “Base, this is team alpha. We are preparing to enter. Everything clear?”

Her senses peeked. She heard squealing and scratched across the pavement. Slowly she turned her head towards the sound until she spotted the culprit.

Wiggling her fingers in a circular motion she conjured a small fireball and launched it at the intruder. It fell over instantly. She hated rats.

He raised an eyebrow while the voice on the other end “Alpha team, you’re a go.”

He looked at his partner and they nodded in unison. Without needing a count down they entered the building.

Years of training together taught them to sense each other’s movements. They were in sync and always had each other’s back.

He moved, as silent as a panther through the hall. Crouched over, weapon extended at his side.

The hallway was dirty and damp. They came up on a doorway and he stopped in front of it. She looked at the door, shutting her eyes briefly. When she opened then she confirmed there were no heat signatures on the other side.

Glancing at her partner she nodded. Silently counting to three he kicked the door open and moved to the left.

She had her weapon raised and entered. Sweeping her weapon left to right they advanced. Weapons raised quickly rotated from side to side checking their surrounding. Not needing to speak. Knowing each other’s movements.

Rats scattered around. She fought the urge to burn every one of them.

Paper, half eaten food and other trash cluttered every available space. She took a deep breathe and blew, the wind picking up the litter and clearing a path for them to walk silently, without crunching on everything that lay on the floor.

Another door was at the far end of the room. She blinked as they approached lifting her hand she held up 4 fingers. They moved to either side of the door frame.

Within seconds the door creaked opened a few inches. Staring at each other, weapons drawn at their sides they waited.

The door opened, and a raised hand came into view. The hand had a gun. She quickly holstered her weapon. She would attack first, she always did. When the hand turned into an entire right arm she attacked.

Grabbing the hand with the gun she forced the attacker to aim it at the ceiling. He grunted and punched his left hand out, a shot was fired.

Prepared for this possibility she released his hand and the gun, blocked the punch and gave one of her own to the cheek.

At the same time he grabbed the hand with the gun and kept it pointed at the ceiling while he struggled for control of it.

The attacker’s head bounced to the side from the force of the blow. He recovered quickly and went to punch again, unaware that there were two assailants.

She blocked the punch, but the attacker hit again, fast and caught her in the throat. She lifted her hand and and the attacker flew into the wall.

The sudden movement caught him off guard. She wasn’t suppose to use any excessive strength.

The attacker grumbled and rose from the floor. That’s when he noticed there two of them. He began shooting the gun.

She put up a barrier, protecting them from the gunfire.

The attacker advanced, still shooting.

She waited and he stepped into reaching distance.

She grabbed his hand again and yanked the gun twisting in backward and breaking his wrists. He called out in pain, letting go of the gun. She quickly disassembles it, throwing it across the room.

He punched the attacker in the face and then in the abdomen. When the attacker bent over in pain he takes his knee and smashes it into the attackers face.

The attacker hits the floor with a thud. Retrieving both their weapons, they go back to each side of the door frame. Waiting three beats, she enters first with her weapon raised. He follows behind, watching her back.

In the second room there were three doors. She blinks and scans each of the rooms. She points the the door farthest away.

There were a few chairs and a mini fridge in the middle of the floor. Cups were on the tables and the 13 inch block TV was still on.

They both knew that whoever was just in here, probably heard the commotion. She didn’t need him to say it, she was thinking the same thing.

Heading over to door number three, they know there are three more people in there.

He thinks of the device in belt that scans for heat signatures. He doesn’t need it, his partner can do that.

He prepares to kick open the door. One, two, he kicks on three and goes to the door frame. Matching her stance. Shots riddle the empty doorway. They wait patiently, and the gunfire ceases.

No need to look at each other, they know their next move. They jump into the doorway and with three simple shots. She had two; he had one; the attackers were down.

There she lay in the corner, weeping. Her hands over her head, crouched in a fetal position.

He went over to her, held his hand out. “I’m here to bring you to safety. Your father sent me.”

She looks up at him; her face dirty and hair tangled. Her left eye is black and blue, swollen shut. She reaches for his outstretched hand.

“Base, Alpha team has the target. Leaving premises now.”

“Copy that Alpha team, good job.”

In the car she looks at him “that was the last one. I’m pregnant.