Serial Killer, Con Artist and Jelena


Jelena has had a troubled past but has brought herself through her troubles and has landed in the FBI as a senior agent. She is not completely honest with her husband, but that is for his own good. She has connections in high places but only uses them when she is pushed. Her boss pushed her over the limit and she had to remind him where she stood. She has a new case and a team to help her find the infamous con artist. Her boss didn't like being put in his place. He highers an old friend to help show Jelena who is really boss. Jelena can take care care of herself, but can she survive a serial killer? Can you handle the suspense?

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Shifter, Killer & Jelena


Have you ever met a shifter? Jelena Cohert has. She is on the Special Investigations Division (SID) and has had her fair share of wolves, tigers and bears disguised as men and women. Jelena gets cleared from medical leave. frustrated about her last case she is ready to get back to work. Her boss gives her a SID case and she is on the hunt for a shifter. She is paired with an old ally and gets involved with the shifter's family in more ways than strictly professional. 


Jordan Romano is the CEO of ONAMOR tech company and the CEO of his pack. When a young lady turns up dead on his property, he uses his brother's law enforcement connections to get on the team to catch who put her there. He's young and is not looking for love. Or is he?  Jordan finds himself and his family woven into the murder and he doesn't like. He hasn't been Alpha for long and is doubting whether he's doing what's best. 

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What makes a woman change her name, her career and cut off the ones who she loves the most?


The men in her life always controlling her, that’s what. María Dominguez is a firefly Latina fresh out of college. She got a job as a social worker and her heart breaks for the 2 twins who just got put on her caseload. Her father sets her up on a blind date and her relationship hits fast forward. She believes she has everything she wants until she realizes juggling a demanding spouse and having a demanding job makes for one exhausted girl. When the demanding gets out of control she reaches out to her father and brother for help. When she is left with her brother ignoring her and her father telling her she’s imagining it she takes things into her own hands. Defending yourself doesn’t make you a victim, it makes you a fighter. That’s what she tells herself until she suspects her husband did something she can’t forgive. She is sick of her husband, she is sick of her father, she is sick of her brother and she needs to make it on her own.


 María Dominguez dies and Jelena M.D is born.

Maria Dominguez - Prequel: A Jelena Cohert Novella

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Jordan Romano - Prequel: A Jelena Cohert Novella


I am my brothers keeper.

Jordan Romano a wolf shifter and the is the youngest of 4 siblings. His life is good. He owns his own technology company, He has a different women in his bed every night.

Then his world is turned upside down.

His brother challenges his father for the crown. His father's shady dealings puts Jordan right in the cross hairs of danger. His first love is back in his life and confusing the hell out of him.

Jordan has lived his life how he wants to - relaxing and easy going. 

What will he do with his full plate? Will he have to save his brother again? Listen to his parents and let the attack on his life go? Will he become a one woman man, with the one who turned into a playboy to begin with?

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Spied: A Deceptive High Novel


Dion and Lanelle are twins excited about the summer before high school. The most stressful thing on their plates are Lanelle figuring out which protective style to wear next and Dion keeping all of his girls straight. One night their parents drop a bomb on them. They have to trade in high school for boarding school. Even though Dion thinks it might be cool Lanelle is convinced it is the end of the world. But wait, the surprises don't stop there.Not only are they going to boarding school, but Douglas High is a high school for spies in training. And, it's the same high school their parents went to. Yes, their parents are spies!!Lanelle has a lot on her mind and is too overwhelmed to think straight let alone maneuver this new world she's been thrown into. With new powers comes new enemies and a whole new set of rules.Will the twins survive life at Deceptive High?